Web projects are straightforward.

These are the fundamental steps to complete any Web project.


Consultation and planning

Use the Hire Us form to introduce yourself, explain your project, and pay the consultation and planning fee. We'll review your requirements, spend time getting to know your company, and discuss with you your business objectives as they relate to the site. Based on this dialogue, we prepare the project outline, which addresses the site's scope and proposed architecture, suggests how your goals may be achieved most effectively, offers optional or future solutions for your consideration, and estimates the costs and time involved in completing the project as outlined.


Design concepts presented

When you are happy with the outline, you'll pay the cost on the design portion of the site and we will proceed to develop potential design concepts for your approval. Presented designs include the overall styling and colour scheme in the context of the layout of a principle page with navigation menu. While we are designing, you can use the time to assemble the content you will be supplying.


Building the site

When the overall site design has been finalized, you'll pay a predetermined portion of the building costs and we will get to work on the individual pages — designing, building and coding to create a functional Web product based on the design you accepted. Web pages are built to meet W3C CSS and (X)HTML standards, using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL (depending on your project's requirements). We make sure your site is built to be search engine friendly, user accessible and cross-browser compatible.


Testing and completion

Once you have approved the completed Web site, we'll do all the final testing and validation needed to make sure your site is just perfect before it is presented to the public. When all the work is concluded and the final payment has been made, the site is ready to move to its final residence on the Web.

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