‘Is a site down for everyone or just me?’

If a Web site seems to be unavailable, you may wonder “Is a site down for everyone or just me?” Remember, our hosting clients can check the true availability of their Web sites at any time by viewing the Live Server Status on our Help page. The server status is displayed openly to the public.

But sometimes you may want to check the status of a site that’s not on our server. DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com will end the mystery. Just type the domain name of the site in question, hit enter and you will have your answer.

In either case if a site is unavailable just to you, then you will need to check your setup. The problem could be anything from an internal network issue to a problem at your Internet Service Provider’s end.

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  1. I was using that website, but I find it to be down sometimes too!

    I also found http://www.checksite.us to be a better match, because it allows you to test actual pages and not just the top domains.

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