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In the past our main Newsfeed provided updates for all content published here at www.emediaarchitects.com/news/ which included Web hosting updates. We have now excluded posts for the Hosting Updates category from our main Newsfeed as posts in this category are only relevant to our Web hosting customers.

If you are subscribed to our main Newsfeed but would still like to receive Hosting Updates, please subscribe specifically to our Hosting Updates E-mail Newsfeed or RSS Newsfeed. You can subscribe to the Hosting Updates feed at any time from the sidebar on our Help page. As always, Hosting Update notices are sent only when hosting maintenance is performed, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

We apologize if you received any duplicate Newsfeed updates while we made this transition. Thank you to all our subscribers for your continued support. We are confident that this change will result in a better experience for you, our readers.

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