4 Steps to Encourage Vehicle Sales from Your Dealership Web Site

This is the third article in our special series for Canadian automotive dealers.

What is the basic process through which your Web site should guide a target customer toward a vehicle purchase? And how might your Web site be improved to meet customer needs at each stage?

1. Reach out to the customer.

An effective site’s key purpose is to reach out to the public and attract the right customers. A custom Web site that is useful, easy-to-use and appealing to your target audience enables you to keep your dealership doors open to search out new potential customers 24 hours-a-day.

2. Make a polished impression.

When an Internet user visits your Web site, you have access to an individual who has already taken action to learn about you. Use this opportunity to make a positive impression. By utilizing our professional Web design and development services to create a well-coordinated and individualized online presence, your dealership’s custom Web site can convert casual browsers into customers like no pre-built Web solution ever could.

3. Help educate the customer.

Laying the foundation of your site with solid information and convenient online tools will aid the user in the purchasing process. Your Web site can also help to retain your post-purchase customer base by presenting vehicle service and maintenance features that give them a reason to return. Whatever the particular needs of your market, a Web site which is custom-built to your specifications will provide your potential and current customers with the exact tools and information they need to make an educated decision.

4. Motivate the customer to contact or visit you.

Once interest has been created, your Web site must contain simple instructions and clear directives urging customers to contact you — online, by phone or through a personal visit. By custom creating your entire online experience in a manner which is most effective in motivating your target audience, your Web site will naturally lead users toward that vital step.

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Which of the above mentioned stages seems to you to create the greatest challenge in completing a sale? Please comment and share your thoughts.

How well is your current dealership Web site accomplishing each of these goals? Our next article will address how to analyze your current site.

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