3 Expectations the Public Has When Using Your Dealership’s Web Site

This is the fifth article in our special series for Canadian automotive dealers.

The public now expects all legitimate businesses to have their own proper Web site, much the same as having a telephone number has been a basic requirement for doing business for so many years.

But what about your automotive dealership? Do you really need to have your own professionally created, independent Web site? Consider the public’s core needs and how your dealership might fill them.

1. Credibility.

How does the average consumer know whom to trust, especially where an important purchase — such as a vehicle — is concerned? An independent, custom Web site is the most effective way to establish your dealership’s online presence as a legitimate business.  Considering that your Web site is often the first opportunity your dealership has to create a good impression, just having “something” published on the Internet is not enough. A professional Web site makes a vital contribution to consumer confidence as it engenders trust, both for your products and your dealership.

2. Speed and accessibility.

Today’s increasingly busy lifestyle means that people only have so much time to devote to purchasing a vehicle. Add to this that it is more and more likely that what time people do have available will be outside of regular business hours. Wouldn’t it add to your dealership’s success if these people could be reached in the convenience of their own home or office at a time that is right for them?

To properly serve your audience, your Web site must be accessible whenever and however someone wishes to use it. A site that is easy-to-find, easy-to-use and hosted with a reliable Web hosting provider is an essential foundation. Realize that once a user arrives on your Web site, he wants to get solid information quickly and get back to what is happening in his own life. We strive to objectively craft your site so that the public can obtain reliable answers to their questions through brief but purposeful visits that will genuinely aid them in the purchasing process.

3. Personal attention.

To cement your relationship with a potential customer, you must reach out to him personally. This is a challenge in our modern age, where the incessant flood of public marketing can make even the most earnest person feel numb to any sales attempt. So instead of having the same standard-issue Web sites that every other dealer has, let our custom Web sites go the extra mile in specifically appealing to the customers you want. We will hand-craft your Web site to reflect your dealership’s unique identity in order to create a memorable impression on your target customer.

Could your dealership be accomplishing more online? We have assisted automotive businesses in addressing the needs of their local market. Contact us to discuss your project.

When it comes to an auto dealer’s Web site, what have you observed to be the specific needs and expectations of the public in your area? Please leave a comment and share your observations (please also mention your geographic location).

You may feel that this process is being accomplished well through the standardized Web sites provided by your auto maker.  Our next article will address the role of dealer Web sites issued by auto makers.

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