What Sort of Auto Dealer Web Site Works Best In Canada?

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This is the second article in our special series for Canadian automotive dealers.

For an automotive dealership’s Web site to be utilized as a business tool, the objective must be to represent your dealership’s unique strengths and truly appeal to your local customers in the best manner possible.

Appealing to shoppers in the Canadian automotive market.

Canadian automotive shoppers value high-quality, low-pressure experiences. With this in mind, the impersonal, loud or borderline abrasive approach which many dealerships have gravitated to online may not actually be what your local market appreciates. Especially is this true if your dealership is located in a small town or rural area, or is operated as a family business. A pushy “sell, sell, sell” Web site may even damage the real-world reputation you have carefully worked hard to build over the years. So how do you ensure your Web site is appealing to your target customer?

An accurate representation of your unique business.

What sets you apart from your competitors? Over the years, your dealership has become known for specific values and a particular atmosphere that continue to attract the type of customers you want. It is this — the strong dealer identity you have already established — that must be portrayed online in order to make you stand out. To do so, your entire Web presence must be defined by your dealership’s individuality and values, not just the products every other dealer within your automotive brand is selling. Therefore, it is clear that a rebranding of the same pre-packaged dealer Web sites that everyone else has does little to accomplish this goal.

Consider a success story.

Family-operated Voisin Chrysler Ltd., located in rural Elmira, Ontario, has proven to be a dealership with a thorough understanding of its own unique identity. Before undertaking the task of Web site creation, the people behind Voisin Chrysler had well in mind the need for their Web site to reflect their hometown reputation, on which they have built their successful Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership. Immediately turning away from an overly formal, urban or aggressive approach online, they instead asked us to create a down-to-earth custom-built Web site.

Commenting on the success of this strategy, dealership communications representative Erin Collins states:

“When we hired E Media Architects we were very eager to set our website apart from the bigger and more aggressive dealerships.  We were very clear that our goal was to have our website reflect the feeling of the customer having walked into our dealership.  At Voisins we are very aware that a big part our success comes from the fact that we are a unique hometown, family-run dealership that treats it’s customers like family.  It was incredibly important that our customers get this ‘feel’ when they enter our website.

We knew that we needed E Media Architects to develop a custom website that reflected our specific goals, strengths and needs.   E Media Architects’ interpretation of our thoughts as far as the look and feel of the website were right-on!  They incorporated all of the elements that were important to us, as well as still making the website a very successful business tool for the dealership.

We are more then pleased with the success of our website… We have received very positive feedback and are so glad we went with the unique style of website that we did.

We’d love to help you too.

Rather than merely tailoring our Web products to suit your needs, we endeavour to understand the needs of your local market before hand-crafting a Web solution that suits you from the ground up.

We are eager to help your dealership create an effective online presence by:

  • accurately representing your individual sales and service philosophy;
  • featuring products and services in a manner which appeals to your local market;
  • encouraging customers to develop direct relationships with your sales staff; and
  • motivating the public to choose your dealership.

E Media Architects has a unique ability to positively contribute to your dealership’s next creative project. We can help you create a site that is both simple and uniquely yours. Think we might be right for you? Please get in touch.

As an Internet user, how does a Web site’s accurately representing a business create a positive online experience? Please share your viewpoint by leaving a comment.

Our next article will explain the 4 steps through which your Web site should guide your target customer.

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