What About Dealer Web Sites Issued by Auto Makers?

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This is the final article in our special series for Canadian automotive dealers.

Your dealership may already be featured on your auto maker’s main Web site, or use a template site issued by head office to all dealers in your brand. Without argument, using a Web template or pre-built Web pages on the manufacturer’s site has its advantages.  These may include enjoying a Web presence that is coordinated with your auto maker’s established marketing, utilizing built-in inventory tools, and being included in the manufacturer’s online network of authorized retailers, all for limited investment on the part of your dealership.  However, many dealers find this does little to make their dealership stand out from competitors within their brand.

A truly custom Web site from E Media Architects will allow your dealership to…

1. Appeal directly to your local customers.

Independent, custom Web sites make a big impression on potential customers. Why? Primarily, taking a specialized approach shows your local audience that you are willing to go the extra mile to appeal to them. It demonstrates that you care about meeting their specific needs, each step of the way. You can keep the public informed through up-to-date local information such as current specials, promotional events or community involvement. You may also wish to spotlight your sales team members to encourage personal contact between them and online users.

2. Stand out from other dealers within your automotive brand.

Make people understand how you are unique from other dealerships — especially how you differ from other dealers selling your brands — by presenting a strong dealer identity. Doing so legitimizes your company as being successful on its own merits and accurately reaches out to those persons who will be drawn to the philosophy and purchasing experience you have to offer.

3. Have flexibility and control.

A custom-made, independent Web site can be changed when you want, how you want. E Media Architects will engineer your site to meet the specific needs of your target market. Therefore, as those needs change over time, we can continue to expand your site to be as extensive or specific as you require.

For example, when it comes to displaying vehicle inventory online, we take the approach that is most appropriate for you and your customers. The site we developed for Wendell Motors is an example of how we might have your site display new vehicles from your auto maker’s existing inventory database, while also showing third-party pre-owned vehicle inventory, such as that published through Boost or AutoTrader. At the other end of the spectrum, Voisin Chrysler is an example of an entirely custom-created inventory management system which we developed specifically to meet their needs.

Through custom Web design and development, hosting and E-mail services, E-mail marketing and post-publication maintenance, we’ll provide your dealership with a one source solution for less cost than maintaining in-house Web staff.

If your dealership is currently operating both an independent Web site as well as utilizing the standard-issue dealer Web pages from your auto maker, what role do you feel each online approach should ideally play? Have your say by commenting below.

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