5 E-mail Do’s and Do Not’s

Here’s some quick tips to keep you on everyone’s good side.

Do respect the law. If you use E-mail to promote your business, you need to respect the recipients’ legal rights, such as privacy. Talk to us if you are planning an E-mail campaign so we can suggest valuable tools and best practices.

Do check E-mail regularly. People must be able to rely upon your response time, so find a schedule that works for you and stick with it.

Do not expose the addresses of other recipients. If you must send a group E-mail to people who do not know each other, use the BCC: line to hide the addresses. Failure to do so removes a person’s right to keep their address private and will likely make some enemies.

Do not request delivery and read receipts. This will almost always annoy your recipient before they have even read your message. Also, because the recipient can decline the receipt with one click, read receipts are really of limited use. If you want to know when an E-mail was received it is best to simply ask the recipient to let you know.

Do not send from someone else’s E-mail account. This is confusing for the recipient as well as potentially angering for the owner of the account from which the message was sent.

Do you have any wise E-mail tips? What E-mail habits annoy you as a recipient? Please share your thoughts.

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