The Value of Reliable Web Hosting in Rocky Times

When looking for areas to cut operating costs, don’t sacrifice hosting.

In the world of Web and E-mail hosting services, you certainly get what you pay for. While there is an endless supply of inexpensive or even free hosting options out there, server reliability and connectivity are as vital to the success of your Web site as strong design and functionality. Why? You want your site to be both available and pleasant to use the very moment a user wants to access it. To do so, good quality hosting is vital.

Just think about it. You invest in creating, maintaining and promoting your Web site with the goal of having people use it. Yet if users find your site is temporarily not available or loads very slowly, they will happily visit your competitors’ sites instead. The potential you had to make a valuable impression is lost. Can you afford to frustrate your customers or lose any potential leads in today’s tough market?

Still, reliable hosting need not cost the earth. As a one-source Web solutions provider, we are proud to host our design clients’ Web sites and E-mail at reasonable rates.

And, yes, we may be a small company… but there’s nothing small-time about our hosting! Let us show you what we mean.

The Toronto Internet Exchange

Our hosting server is physically located in a building at 151 Front Street West in Toronto. 151 Front Street is viewed as the backbone of the Internet in Canada because it is home to the Toronto Internet Exchange, the largest Internet Exchange Point in Canada. Needless to say, this location has unparalleled network connectivity, with more than 25 diverse fibre optic entrances for maximum redundancy. All major Canadian telecommunications carriers have 151 Front Street at the heart of their network.

Stable and secure server environment

Within the building, our specific server is located in a facility especially designed with specialized equipment for consistent server performance.

Some facility highlights that you may appreciate are:

  • multiple redundant power grids and redundant power switching gear
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems
  • redundant on-site generator systems
  • redundant HVAC climate control units
  • specialized chilled water HVAC units (which keep the server systems properly cooled)
  • synthetic water fire suppression system (will not damage equipment if discharged)
  • perimeter water detection systems
  • 19″ raised flooring
  • qualified on-call IT team
  • multiple on-site security personnel
  • redundant security camera systems and state-of-the-art secure entry and lock down

Reliable, professional hosting and E-mail is just one of the reasons businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo area rely on E Media Architects to meet their Web hosting and E-mail hosting needs.

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