Maximize the Value of Your Dealership Web Site Amid Economic Uncertainty

No matter the state of the economy — recession or no recession — your dealership needs to sell cars. Period. If the current economic climate means fewer customers are making purchases, it is all the more vital that those who are purchasing acquire a vehicle from you. Even if your spending must be tightened, one thing you cannot afford is to promote your dealership less.

What can you do? Diversify. Make your advertising dollar go further by complementing existing advertising with the strengths of the Internet.

For example, while advertising in newspapers is essential, the price for ads is shocking. A black and white ad can easily cost $1000 for a single day in a local paper. But you can optimize the strengths of both mediums by running smaller, less costly newspaper ads which encourage the reader to obtain further information through your Web site. This technique effectively reaches out to both those who rely on newspapers and those who rely on the Internet for information consumption. Driving the traditional newspaper audience to your Web site exposes them to the wide array of tools and features your site offers, promoting each of your dealership’s unique services without having to say it all at once.

If in the past you have been hesitant to invest online, realize that now more than ever is the time to turn to the Internet to create public interest, help your dealership rise above the competition and, of course, generate sales. You will be surprised how cost-effective and flexible a custom Web site from E Media Architects can be for your automotive dealership. For little more cost than a couple onetime newspaper ads, we can provide a complete Web site, creating a lasting online presence for your dealership. The benefits that come from a custom site are nearly endless.

If you have a reduced advertising budget, or you want to maximize the budget available, make the Internet work harder for you. To benefit from our expertise hire us today!

What are your thoughts on the combination of traditional and new media? Does any single medium monopolize your advertising budget?

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