Special Series for Canadian Automotive Dealers

Starting July 4th, we will be publishing a special series of articles to aid Canadian auto dealers in better using their Web site to promote their local dealership.

We invite you to return to our Web site at www.emediaarchitects.com/news to take advantage of this special series. Better yet, anonymously subscribe to our RSS feed (or via E-mail) to be automatically notified of new articles as they become available.

Topics include

Gain a Competitive Edge for Your Auto Dealership – July 4th
What Sort of Auto Dealer Web Site Works Best In Canada? – July 7th
4 Steps to Encourage Vehicle Sales from Your Dealership Web Site – July 8th
How to Analyze Your Current Auto Dealer Site – July 9th
3 Expectations the Public Has When Using Your Dealership’s Web Site – July 10th
What About Dealer Web Sites Issued by Auto Makers? – July 11th

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