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“What’s In a Name?” – Better Use of Domain Names, Subdomains & E-mail Addresses

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When setting up an online presence, a business’ first step may be to quickly purchase a domain name. Little thought may be given to selecting one that is effective for that particular business. Granted, the individual making the decision may not understand the true value of a good domain name, how to select it, or how it ought to be used within the Web site or E-mail. On the other hand, even a well-considered domain name that was purchased years ago may have little relevance to the company’s current focus.

However, by investing a few moments of reflection and little or no cost, we can help you improve your company Web site’s professionalism and usability simply by giving proper attention to your domain name, subdomains, and E-mail addresses.  Here’s what to consider.

For help with understanding the fundamental role a domain name plays in your Web site, see our article Constructing Your “Home” – A Primer in Web Site Terms & Concepts. (more…)



NEW! Search Added to Help Section

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We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Web site’s Help section to serve you better!

We have also expanded our Troubleshooting Index to address 25 questions our clients have asked.

This self-serve knowledge database is available 24 hours-a-day by visiting our Web site at We trust you will continue to find it an efficient time-saving tool.

Do you have any comments or suggestions on our Help section? We’d love to hear from you.



Guide to E-mail Etiquette

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Do you or someone you work with need suggestions on improving E-mail communication? Whether sending or receiving, here’s some handy guidelines to keep in mind. (more…)